Ochain and its high- quality services are distinguished on the market with particular attention to the phases of enhancement , growth and distribution of our clients' brands . The added value is the wide range of services , with the aim of providing its customers with a complete service to 360 ° , to ensure operational efficiency with a focus on results.

Market analysis

Ochain before starting any distribution activities collaborates with its clients in the analysis of the market , thus defining market positioning , target product and delivery methodology . The analysis is approached with the utmost care to identify the correct placement of products aimed at defining winning strategies for the development of distribution. Our team having gained a great experience in marketing and distribution can become a reference point for our customers


Through a dedicated division with many years experience in marketing deals with all activities relating to strategic planning , promotion and dissemination of the brand , in compliance with the guidelines received from our customers . The great knowledge of all the marketing methods available ( eg . , Events, Web Marketing , Social Networking , indoor, outdoor , below the line , grid marketing, etc ..) is able to study tailored solutions for each customer . By means of a strong relationship with the world of journalism and communication we are able to ensure a continuous presence on the best tested and new digital communication systems .


Ochain before you attack the market B2B (Business to Business ) organizes training courses throughout the sales force needed to follow any strategy defined during the analysis phase . The training is designed according to targets defined , the sales before operating on the territory network needs to know in depth the products of our own customers to give a guarantee of quality and competence of our customers' products .


The sales force , specializing in the field , ensures widespread coverage throughout the national territory . Covering the world of Pharmacies , Cosmetics , beauty salons and SPA . The competence , professionalism and constant updating activities of the sales network is one of the strengths of Ochain .

Customer care

The relationship with the customer is one of the crucial points in the distribution . Each client is assigned a sales agent , but often this is not enough to make a difference . Ochain joined to each Agent a member of our customer service to support both the sales phase and the rest of the process and allowing them to give special attention to customers . For this reason it has been given a division with specialized expertise in the management of all the problems that may arise during the distribution phase


We are able to provide two levels of service , a first strongly devoted to startups . Through a small warehouse and expert personnel are able to handle delivery and shipment of goods on the national and international territory , rather for our customers who require higher volumes of rotation through a partnership with the company Difarco , Ochain offers a complete logistics service : control and goods receipt , storage and dispatch .